Beat the Burglar Ahead of Bonfire Night!

Now the clocks have gone back and the evenings are getting darker, it’s the opportune time to make sure your security lighting, alarms and locks are in good working order.

Burglaries tend to spike during Daylight Saving Time with properties most likely to be targeted on Bonfire Night. In 2018, home insurance provider Aviva, reported a 115% increase in claims for theft on 5th November. This trend is in line with previous years and may be due to people leaving their homes to attend bonfire events.

Homes with no security in place are obviously more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Good outside lighting and visible burglar alarms are effective deterrents against opportunist thieves. Similarly motion sensor lights are an inexpensive but highly effective option.

For extra protection you might want to consider getting CCTV installed. With the advent of smart home technology, you can now view live pictures of the interior and exterior of your property from anywhere in the world via the internet.

To find out which security measures are most effective, Co-op Insurance recently spoke to a panel of ex-convicts. The vast majority (89%) said that they would be deterred from targeting a smart home and that CCTV cameras are the biggest deterrent for thieves.

However, despite this, only 14 per cent of UK adults say that they have CCTV cameras installed in their home. As well as reducing the odds of being targeted, if your property is burgled, CCTV could help you gain valuable evidence.

Other smart security devices to consider include doorbells which allow you to talk to and see who’s at your door; smart indoor lights which you can turn on when you’re out to make your home look occupied; and smart locks which allow you to open and lock your door – all via your mobile phone.

To find out more about smart technology or improving security, contact us on 01522 539000 and we’ll be only to happy to come out do a review of your home.