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Bishop Grossetestte College LORIC Building


The LORIC centre comprised of a complete refurbishment of this Grade II Listed Building for The Bishop Grossetestte University in Lincoln.

Our design remit for the Electrical Installation was to achieve a fully modern, commercial package as would be expected for a flagship building, whilst also retaining the original character within tight heritage restrictions.

The system included addressable and remotely controllable heating zones for each room, Wi-Fi throughout, disabled refuge areas, a lift, addressable fire alarm system and modern infra red heating. 

Of course, low energy lighting and consumption metering were also included along with  a comprehensive LAN system and Electric Vehicle Chargers

Aspects of the building can be monitored and controlled remotely from the main campus without the need for on-site prescence - even the main doors can be opened remotely.

We are proud of our involvement in this project which was completed on time and on budget.



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