Solar Panel
The science bit

Solar panels work by allowing photons (particles of light) to knock electrons free from atoms, which subsequently generates a flow of electricity.


Converting sunlight into reliable, clean and renewable energy in this way can be used in a range of sectors including residential, commercial and agricultural.

The technology is green, clean and safe.

It can offer significant savings on electricity bills and consumption and works hand in hand with Electric Vehicles, Air Conditioning and Air Source and Ground Source Heating systems.

We can design and install a custom package utilising all of the above technologies, in house, to meet your specific requirements.
green, reliable energy on tap

We were there when the PV revolution took off in 2010 and we are still here now!

With that amount of knowledge gained, why trust anyone else with your solar requirements?

Solar PV

What is it?

A photovoltaic system or PV system is a system designed to convert Solar Energy into Electrical Energy

Solar Panels