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The Palace Theatre, Newark

Palace Theatre, Newark

The historic Palace Theatre in Newark was in need of a complete refurbishment to its lobby entrance area and as part of these works a new link corridor to the Civil War Museum and Cafe were also included.

Listed building status and the character of the building dictated the scheme for our installation 

In the lobby area, we took away the glass and brass fittings which had been in situ for many years.  At our workshop we cleaned them and upgraded them to LED internals to meet modern requirements for energy saving and longevity between servicing

The link corridor and reception were a transition between the older Theatre and the more modern themed Museum

With recessed lighting set into the dropped ceilings and modern track lighting in the gift shop, this transition worked well.  A monitor wall gives a great asthetic appearance to the public as they enter

The new cafe area has been transformed from a dark and dingy lobby area into a bright and refreshing space for visitors to relax whilst visiting the Museum or Theatre

Although the installation looks seamless now it is finished, there were many challenges along the way with the nature of construction of the building, however, we worked closely with RG Carters and the work was completed on time to high acclaim



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